FAQ on how I cut my grocery bill by $100 a week or more

I have recently started couponing and researching the weekly Ad sales.  When I say recently I mean as in just a few months ago and I have already learned the system so well that I save over $100 each week for my family of four.

groceries faq

If you know me personally, then you know I am what some call a picky eater because I rarely eat out, despise fast food and convenient food, only eat whole grains and lean meat, I don’t drink my calories and everything I consume must have high amount of protein and fiber.  So if that is picky, then Yep that’s me!  I wasn’t always this way but I have been this “picky” for about 8 years now.  I once thought, like many do, that if you eat healthy you can’t successfully coupon.  Well I gladly have proven that to be FALSE!

When I decided to quit my job to stay at home full time with my children, I had to come up with a way to help with our finances.  So the first thing I thought of is to save on groceries.  It has helped immensely and I get better at it each week.  Note: I do not do this to stock pile things we do not need or use.  It is strictly to save my household on items we actually need and use in the short term. I have no clue how to be a coupon extremist who stockpiles things that could last years if they needed it. I honestly have no use for 200 jars of mayonnaise! LOL
So, I wanted to do a Frequently Asked Questions I get asked by friends and strangers alike. I hope this encourages you to start saving your grocery bill!

1.) “How do you do that?” : Well this has a loaded answer. There is actually a good amount of time involved in the entire process as a whole, but remember this is one thing I am doing to take the place of my paycheck, so it makes sense.  First,  I research weekly Ads for 5 stores (Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens).  I only look for things that someone in my family eats.  Second, I make a list of all the B1G1 offers so I can take them to Walmart for price matches. Third, I look for all the drug store deals that offer register rewards and see what coupons I have to stack them with Next, I look through my coupon binder to see what coupons I have to go with the sales at all places. Lastly, I go to all the stores on my list and watch the savings roll out. Learn Coupon Lingo! I wrote a helpful list of common terms.

2.) “Is it really worth the time?” :  YES!!!  If someone gave you $500-600 a month for taking 1-2 hours out of your day once a week, would you do it? I would! More hours get wasted in a week doing pointless things anyhow.  And now, I can’t stand the thought of buying diapers that are not on sale without a coupon or cashback.  It hurts my head to think of all the money I wasted on my son’s diapers the past 2 years!

3.) “Do you only eat what is on sale.”  Yes and No.  I have certain things I get each week no matter what like Jennie-O ground turkey, all-natural chicken breast, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.  But all other items I wait till they are on sale or I have a coupon.  Eventually everything will go on sale or get a coupon.  And yes, everything goes on sale, even the healthy stuff. Sales have cycles- read about them here.  I keep up with them now.  Quaker oats will be Buy one Get One at Publix once every 5 weeks.  I stock up when they do because I use oats for alot of things.  My K-cups have coupons offered galore.  So yes what we eat on a daily basis was at one point on sale.  But no I don’t eat Pasta Roni or Poptarts just because it was on sale that week.  REPEAT: I only buy things we actually eat.

4.) “How did you know where to start?”  I just sat down and started researching. I continue to learn new things every week.  It is like anything, you have to dedicate time to learning it and adjusting what you have learned to fit your needs.   There are so many great resources from other women who once were in your spot.  It won’t be easy at first.  It is similar to working out, deciding to commit yourself to it is the hardest part.  Then just jump in and go!

5.)“Where do you get all your coupons from?”  Anywhere I can.  Sunday paper, online coupon sites, online store coupons, peelies on products, in product purchased, through the mail, magazines, etc.  Once you start looking for them you will find them everywhere.

6.) “Do I really have to go to a number of stores?”  Of course not, but you are missing out on some good deals.  Pick the places that you live near.  Luckily I can do a big circle to hit up all 5 of my places if need be.  Most of the time I just use the ads from Winn Dixie and Publix to price match and never actually have to go into them to get the promotion! I LOVE the deals that can be found at CVS- read my post about it here.

7.) “You must be really organized?”  Yes, you need to have some type of organized method.  Can it be your own version of chaotic organization?  OF COURSE!  My ad skimming and coupon binder might not make sense to the seasoned couponer but it works for me. I use a Coupon Clutch to organize my stuff- read about my organizer here.   So just find a way that works for you!

I carry my coupons in the car with me now all the time.  You never know when you need to run into a store for something.  And most likely I will have a coupon for it because I have a good supply of coupons built up now.

Do any of you Coupon?  What questions do you get most often? Any tips you have learned in the process?

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62 Responses to FAQ on how I cut my grocery bill by $100 a week or more

  1. I don’t coupon -at all. My mother in law is pretty hardcore about her coupons and I think it irritates her that I don’t use them. Oops.

  2. Cristina says:

    My mom used be a couponer. I always told myself “i don’t have the time” but with my grocery bill getting higher and higher and my boys growing and growing, I need to go to plan B. In the last 4 months or so, my bill has increased an average of $50 each week!

  3. When we were working on paying off our $80000 in debt, couponing was the first thing we did. We eat mostly organic now and do lots of shopping at Costco (works great for our family of 6) and then supplementing with coupons!

  4. Kay M. says:

    This post is a fantastic source of information! I’ve been couponing since my oldest son was born (ummmm, 34 yrs?!!). It’s the best way to save money!

  5. Mitch says:

    I cut coupons and shop out of town when visiting the in-laws. I go online and match the sales in the flyers to my coupons. I love cutting my grocery bill in half!

  6. aimee fauci says:

    Before I moved to the SA area I used to be obsessed w couponing and I would not overly stockpile but I would to a point and I would even buy the foods I knew I would not eat because I knew that I had college boys I could send the food home to and that I had a home daycare that could use the treats. Sadly I moved to the SA area and HEB ruled the city, so my only options were HEB, Target and Walmart. I love shopping at CVS but ONLY if I have ECB and coupons! I also like Target w the Cartwheel, store coupons and manuf coupon stacking, but it can be a headache..

  7. aimee fauci says:

    Oh and yes.. always carry the coupon binder! Too many times I have been wo my binder and then been at Walgreens and saw awsome clearanced items that knew I had coupons for!

    Also, for expectant moms that will have their kids on formula they can go to all the baby food sites and sign up for coupons. I not only got free formula samples and high $ coupons that I used at CVS where I practically got baby formula for free!

    Girl, you got me fired up with this topic;-)

  8. April says:

    Grat tips! I just copied the link to our Facebook fan page. Love how you addressed your FAQ’s!

  9. Christy says:

    Yes!! I used to be an Extreme Couponer (saving between 85-90%). I loved it. Saving big is a high like no other. Lol!! B/c of time constraints, I had to give it up but hope to get back into it in the near future.

  10. Kathy says:

    I used to coupon a lot!!! Once starting real food it has been hard. I occasionally get a coupon for fruits but it’s not easy. I still can for other household needs though. Thanks for sharing.

    • thehouseholdhero@gmail.com says:

      I am a clean eater, have been for years. And I still successfully coupon and shop based on store promos. Jennie O turkey meat has a coupon every week! As do Quaker oats, no sugar added applesauce, etc.

  11. brett says:

    I used to hardcore coupon. I spent hours each week to maximize savings. I still coupon but not so much. sometimes my time and the tim driving store to store isn’t worth it. BUT…we also don’t do diapers or wipes or baby stuff anymore. that’s a huge cost!

  12. I wish there were more coupons for natural/organic foods. I really hate that the majority of coupons these days is for the prepackaged high in sugar items. Drives me batty.

    • thehouseholdhero@gmail.com says:

      I do not eat many processed items and if I do I ensure they use whole grains and have high finer content.And we do not eat much sugar in our house. So finding these coupons is possible it just takes for effort!

  13. I know nothing about couponing except the occasional Extreme Coupon reality show. I would love to learn how, but it seems so daunting.

  14. Janel says:

    I used to coupon when I had just two little ones. Now, I’m so tired I don’t feel like I have the time or energy anymore.

  15. Sarah Jane says:

    I usually don’t coupon, but am definitely planning on looking into it more.

  16. Hard to coupon in my area, as we only have 2 grocery stores that are pretty much the same prices and WalMart! I refuse to go to WalMart for groceries when it’s always “rush hour” at my WalMart! I’ve been working on making the groceries we get each week go further to save money! Thanks for the tips on couponing! If I ever get to use them, they’ll be handy!

  17. teresa mccluskey says:

    I am just starting to get into this! I have a lot to learn but loving the thought of saving money

  18. I USE coupons, but I’m not a couponer. I will go to several stores, including ALDI to get the best prices.

  19. Tracey says:

    Awesome post. I need to take the time to coupon!

  20. I love seeing how people get such great savings using coupons. I haven’t since we left FL 2 years ago. They aren’t as good here in west Tx.

    • thehouseholdhero@gmail.com says:

      You can use coupons from anywhere. There are many clipping services that you could get the Florida inserts from…

  21. Amanda C says:

    I love to coupon shop!! Totally worth the time and investment. I went from $800-$1000 a month to under $400 a month every month. So nice!!

  22. That’s impressive. We don’t do couponing much at all..and I’ve never once had a K-cup coupon…hmmmmm.

  23. Great tips and great job at saving money. I do coupon a little and it really makes a difference!

  24. Jacqueline says:

    People who don’t know if the time is “worth it” are either okay with being in debt or have to much money to blow. I never put groceries on my credit card and get so much free stuff with coupons! My local food pantry loves me. If I don’t want something I still get it for nearly nothing and pass it on to them 🙂

  25. Nikki says:

    I couldn’t imagine not couponing!

  26. These are great tips! Thank you!

  27. Debbie L says:

    Great money saving advice! I do coupons but I know I could do more!

  28. Kecia says:

    I have couponed in the past but it gets so frustrating around here. I live in a fairly small town and there are lots of shelf clearers, unfortunately. I still try to use coupons when I have one, but I don’t go to the length I used to of studying ads, getting multiple coupons for the same thing, etc.

  29. Rosey says:

    That is a really significant savings!! I used to be good about using coupons, but I’ve slacked off significantly and have no idea why. It just makes good sense to use them.

  30. kat says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of savings! I have always wanted to coupon, but I’ve never been very good at it. For some reason, I end up spending more money than saving it!

    I’ll definitely be taking another look at couponing after your blog post. Your last tip would probably be the most important for me — staying organized.

  31. Shell says:

    You make it sound so easy! I should look into couponing.

  32. Brandy says:

    I have thought about getting into using coupons but I need a hands on tutorial, like someone to come into my home and teach me. Right now I do pretty good shopping at Market Basket for the most part and spend about $100 a week on groceries for five people.

  33. Melissa says:

    This is awesome! I really need to try doing this, especially because we are a family of 5 now.

  34. robyn says:

    When I see things like this it makes me realize how silly I am for not taking the time to coupon. What a great savings!

  35. Great tips! I really think the key is going to different stores. Whenever I do take time to search out sales and travel around to different stores, we save a lot of money. It does take more time, but it’s typically worth it.

  36. Felicia says:

    I have so many friends that make this work for themselves. Thank you for sharing all of your tips.

  37. Jenni E. says:

    I love coupons. I do get burnt out if I shop with coupons all the time but then eventually, when I have to pay full price for shampoo, I get maddddd and start couponing again, LOL!!!

  38. Tara Simone says:

    I always use coupon when I’m shopping for clothes but have never used them for food before. I would love to actually get this system down packed for when I actually step out on my own or even to help save a bit of cash now. Thanks for the tips

  39. Great information and tips for couponing! I wish it would be possible here also. I really could use some savings in my grocery bill!

  40. Michelle F. says:

    Wow those are some great tips. I have to follow some of them.

  41. so i am now following your blog, I WANT TO SAVE THIS MUCH! WOW, I knew you could do good with coupons but if I could save $100 a week wow that is huge thank you for sharing.

  42. Christina S says:

    I get asked all the time how I get so much free stuff. My mom says I need to get her some too. Like you said, I don’t think people realize it really is a lot of work. And yes, I have a stockpile that will last years (of things we’ll use).

  43. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love coupons and use them whenever I can! There are a few things I can’t coupon for but everything else I wait for a sale/coupon.

  44. I’m not a couponer but I totally understand taking time from your schedule to save money, instead I work and use that extra money, kind of similar right 😉 Love to see other people’s savings and even though I don’t straight-up coupon I definitely participate in grocery savings programs that save me but aren’t extra work.

  45. Clarissa says:

    I started couponing last year and recently had to rein myself back in!! It’s easy to spend tons of time doing it. My advice is to focus on things you actually use, instead of getting 300 protein bars your family hates (like they do on TV). 🙂

  46. Krystal says:

    Couponing is definitely worth the time! Nice steals! 🙂

  47. Amanda Her says:

    I used to coupon and keep track of ad sales, but it just took up way too much time. Now I just use the occasional coupon at Walmart when I shop.

  48. Theresa says:

    I used to be a super couponer, but then our newspapers stopped putting the inserts in the paper. All of our stores here quit doubling too, so the deals have pretty much dried up. I am happy to hear there are still areas that can find these amazing deals by using coupons!

    • thehouseholdhero@gmail.com says:

      They don’t coupons here in Orlando. I wish they did! You can order coupon inserts from online clipping services if you wanted to get back into it!

  49. Eliz Frank says:

    I’m all for saving a buck… You keep it up. I’m impressed by your savings…

  50. I wish I had the patience to do that, but I don’t. I know myself too well, but I admire you all who do this because the savings is incredible!

  51. Chelsea says:

    I love reading posts like this! It’s awesome to see how much you can save with a little effort. I am so unorganized when it comes to grocery shopping… I really need to get that under control and I’d save so much money in that itself!

  52. Paige says:

    I don’t coupon at all. I just don’t have the time to do it! I don’t even grocery shop because I don’t have time! I admire all the people who have time for both things! lol

  53. Chrishelle says:

    Couponing is definitely a way of life in our family. I am not as hard core as I was in past years, but I still hit the deal blogs and match coupons. It has saved us loads of money.

  54. Ron Caudle says:

    Hey, you used to write excellent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring

  55. I work full time and blog part time so I don’t have as much time to coupon as I would like but I love it and feel so accomplished when I save a ton of money!!!

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