What is a gender reveal party?  Well that is exactly what my husband asked back in 2010 when I told him I was throwing one.  Basically a gender reveal party is a fun way of announcing the sex of your expected baby.  I wish I could wait and be surprised about things like this BUT I absolutely hate surprises.  This girl has gotta plan!

gender reveal partySo when I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted a fun way to announce to my family and friends what our child’s gender was.  This was 3 years ago, which was before the trend of reveal parties had set in. I just did the basic pink and blue, boy or girl party ( I will go back in my photos and do a post on it soon).  But with my second child, I wanted to do something more creative.  So over the summer I had my second gender reveal party and decided to use a red and black color scheme, with Little Man or Little Lady being the overall theme.

gender reveal party food   gender reveal party decorations

I had the party after work.  I served appetizers and sweets that went with theme:  Black olives, red pepper and mozzarella skewers, salsa and blue corn chips (which look black), black grapes, raspberries, licorice, fudge cookies, red frosted cupcakes and a german chocolate cake will colored icing inside, fruit punch and soda. This cake is what we used for the reveal!

gender reveal party     gender reveal party  gender reveal party
For decorations, I made a banner with lips and mustaches, hung red and black balloons throughout.  I used red picture frames for food signs.  I cut out lips and mustaches then glued to striped straws.  These were for the guests to pick which gender they believed the baby was.  We took pics of everyone with their lips or mustaches before the big reveal.  (My co-workers just knew it was a girl. )

gender reveal party
We  wanted our two year old son to be involved in the party.  So I thought it would be fun to let him cut the cake to reveal the the baby’s gender.  He was so excited to have everyone watching him. He sat up at the table like a big boy and proudly made the cut…IT’S a GIRL!
Then he starred at the cake, almost like he was soaking it in.  He’s having a sister, hmm…

gender reveal party
Did you or anyone you know have a Gender Reveal Party?
How did you share the news of your baby’s  gender?

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