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Bulu Box is a discovery subscription box full of health, nutrition and weightloss product samples.  They offer two types of boxes: regular or weightloss.  The monthly subscription is $10 per month with free shipping.  After using the samples, you are given the opportunity to earn points each month by reviewing, sharing and completing short surveys about the products in that month’s box. These points can then be used toward the purchase of full-size versions of the products that work best for you! So if you take the time to review the items you will be rewarded!!  That is a huge positive if you liked items in the box.  I am new to the concept of subscribing to monthly samples.  But I think I might get hooked to the idea.  So with the generosity of Bulu, I am reviewing this bright orange box!

Here is what my Bulo Box included (in order of my favorites):

  • Slimming Smoothie
  • Smarty Pants vitamins
  • Flap Jacked Protein Pancakes
  • Rootology
  • Neocell Beauty Bursts


Slimming Smoothie low carb protein powder.  I have tried  LOTS of different protein powders.  I actually love to bake with protein powder, so when I have a chance to sample a new protein powder I get very excited.  This one was impressive with its high protein and low carb content.   I made a quick shake by adding peanut butter to it.  I enjoyed the taste so I will definitely purchase a 2lb tub of this to try putting in my homemade bars, cookies and muffins!
Bulu-Box-subscription-review  Bulu-Box-subscription-review

Smarty Pants adult gummy vitamins.  I must say I LOVED these!  They reminded me of the sour patch candy but less sour.  Besides the yummy taste, they are a complete multi-vitamin with omega 3s added.  The flavors and sweetness are made from natural sources, so no high fructose corn syrup and the product is gluten & casein free. They offer a variety of vitamins including options for kids, which I would like to check out.
Bulu-Box-subscription-review  Bulu-Box-subscription-review

FlapJacked Protein Pancake mix made with all natural ingredients and whey protein powder.  I like that this mix provides a large amount of protein and fiber per serving.  I have tried to make protein pancakes many times but the consistency never came out right.  With these, a normal pancake-like consistency did occur but I think for this Buttermilk flavor I needed  to add something like fruit or peanut butter into the batter because it left an odd after taste when making it just as directed with only water added. They offer two other flavors, so I would be interested to try them!
Bulu-Box-subscription-review  Bulu-Box-subscription-review

Rootology herbal allergy relief.  Now that we live in Florida, my husband and I have actually experienced less allergy problems.  So I have not had a need to take this herbal pill until yesterday when I spent a windy day at the park.  I had alot of sneezing and watery eyes after getting home, so I took these.  I feel better today, so I am going to give rootology credit for it!   A person like my father who suffers daily, will benefit greatly from this product.  So I really like the idea of  an herbal way to treat sinus issues daily if needed.
Bulu-Box-subscription-review  Bulu-Box-subscription-review

Neocell Beauty Bursts are chocolate mints that provide the nutrients that are beneficial to ones skin, hair and nails.  The Bulu Box contained one piece of chocolate.  It had the texture of caramel candy. But the taste was definitely not something I like.  I was hoping it tasted like an Andes mint, so I was disappointed.  I would prefer to just take the nutrients for my skin, hair and nails in pill form instead of eating this.
Bulu-Box-subscription-review Bulu-Box-subscription-review

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 I would say this box was successful in introducing me to new products because I had never heard of any of these companies prior to receiving the box.  So this has officially sparked my interest in sample monthly subscription boxes.  I look forward to next months box already!  If you want to try it out, use this coupon code BULUGAN475 for 50% off!

Would this Box interest you?  Have you ever tried or heard of any of these products?