Hello! We are glad you found our personal finance blog. This blog was created to help our family improve our finances and share our stories of making 100% of our money working from home. For example, I replaced my corporate job’s monthly income in 30 days from the promotion of one of my blogs! This blog allows us to track our progress while also helping our readers improve their finances and build a successful income from home.

My name is Mandy and my husband’s name is Josh. We both have the opportunity to spend more time with our two kids and travel often by working from home.

We are a couple in our mid-30s with two young kids. We both earned Bachelor’s degrees, built a typical corporate office career for over a decade only to land in debt (kids are expensive!) while putting in way too many hours at the office and not enough time at home with our kids. My husbands’ job cut his salary, leaving us with more debt and desperate for options. That is a long story to be had over drinks one day. So we had the dream like many, to have control of our schedule and our money.

The slap in the faces that our corporate jobs have given us over the years is the main reason I started this blog. I realize after sharing my story, that we are not the only one that the rat race had destroyed. We found a way to overcome it and if we can help one person this blog has served a greater purpose than just my accountability journal.

Anyway, I used to work the normal 8-5 job that actually became 60+ hours a week job. But now I am a full time, self-employed momma running an online freelance business and blog. I get to travel freely and spend time with my family three times more than I did before! I save more, earn more and have more family fun!

We have learned so much from reading finance articles and blogs. Which is why we hope to give back by using this blog to educate and share with others about our debt, frugal ways, and creative online earnings.